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Questions have been raised as to how effective flow conditioning is when using multipath liquid ultrasonic flow meters used in the oil and gas industry. Is it possible to diagnose a partially blocked flow conditioner when flowing crude oil, and are the pressure drops associated with using these devices worth the performance gain? Measuring heavy oil has its challenges. Unlike natural gas applications, where borescope technology is used to visually assess the inner pipe diameter, and potential flow conditioner blockage, in oil applications, differential pressure is the easiest and most commonly used method by pipeline companies. A common solution is using a flow conditioner, which has an extremely repeatable pressure drop, and blockages show up quickly. The best solution may be to use external ultrasonic flow meters , which can be mounted so that there are no obstrutions inside the pipe to pervent the clearing of blockages either chemically or mechanicaly

Tubing: FCI Molded Products Inc.
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FCI Molded Products Inc.

2316 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14216
Phone: 800-849-4011
Fax: 905-669-0261

Manufacture, stock & distribute a vast assortment of plastic & metal components such as knobs, adjustable glides, insert glides, caps, plugs, washers, spacers, grommets, & hinges. ISO 9001 company specializing in custom injection molded parts in many materials for all types of industries such as furniture, store fixture, door & window, appliance, & metal fabricating.

Employees: 10-49
Business Types: Distributor, Manufacturer
Founded in: 1976
Market Reach: Latin America/Caribbean, Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico
Website: http://www.fcimoldedproducts.com


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