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Water Flow Meters for water, liquid, air, gas and steam. Technologies include ultrasonic, doppler, transit-time, clamp on, electromagnetic and insertion flow meters.

Tubing: Parker Hannifin Corp., Partek Operation
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Parker Hannifin Corp., Partek Operation

7075 E. Southpoint Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706-9407
Phone: 520-574-2600
Fax: 520-574-2700

Manual & Pneumatic Valves & Check Valves. Regulators, Flow Meters, Pneumatic Bellow Pump, Gauge Protectors, Spray Guns, Quick Couplers, Fittings, Tools & Accessories. PFA/PTFE Valves, PFA Fittings, PFA/PTFE Pressure Regulators, PFA/PTFE Flow Meters, PTFE Pumps, PFA/PTFE Gauge Protectors, PFA Spray Guns, Venturi/Vacuum Generator & K-Max Steam Switching System

Employees: 1000+
Business Types: Manufacturer
Founded in: 1981
Market Reach: Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico
Website: http://www.parker.com/partek


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