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The many different types of flow meters available today make choosing the best flow meter for a given situation difficult. Perhaps one of the solutions to such problems is to consult with one of the many flow meter specialists who are familiar with all types of flow meters and who may even offer to hire flow meters suiting your needs. Flow meter hire also offers the advantage that the hiring firm will take care of the calibration and maintenance of the flowmeters.

Tubing: GSH Industries, Inc.
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GSH Industries, Inc.

15242 Foltz Industrial Pkwy.
Cleveland, OH 44149
Phone: 440-238-3009
Fax: 440-878-0711

Design, Engineer & Manufacturer Of Plastic, Rubber & Aluminum Products Including Extrusions, Moldings & Fabrications; Plastics: Wide Profiles Up To 20", Dual Durometer & Cross-Head Extrusions, Injection Moldings From Small Intricate Parts Up To 1,000 Ton Press Capacity, Most Thermoplastic Materials; Rubber: Extrusions Up To 10" Wide, Injection/Compression/Transfer Molding, Most Rubber Materials; Aluminum: Extrusions Up To 10" Wide, Electrostatic Painting, Anodizing & A Wide Range Of Secondary Fabrications

Employees: 10-49
Business Types: Manufacturer
Founded in: 1986
Market Reach: Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico
Website: http://www.gshindustries.com


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