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Recently a California chicken farm solved an urgent problem invoving the monitoring of the water delivered from 4 wells spaced about 1/4 mile across its large farm area. Although located in a semi-tropical region, it is still necessary to monitor several factors involving the health of the chickens with water playing a very important role. Water is used for egg washing, chicken drinking water, and more importantly, for the evaporating cooling and foggers in the poultry houses to keep the chickens healthy, so monitoring water flow into the complex is quite important. If a water problem should occur at one of the remote well sites, it must be first diagnosed and then resolved as quickly as possible. Therefor it was determined that remote monitoring was necessary to insure the critical water output from four different wells could be read instanly from the control room so a simple water flow rate meter would not be adequate. The solution was to install ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters in each of the four pipelines coming from the 4 wells. Their ability to clamp onto various pipe sizes and materials plus having an Ethernet connection, not only afforded quick and easy installation, but provided the means to send real-time flow data over a wireless network directly into the control room.

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