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Monitoring flows in large diameter pipes is notoriously expensive. Today it is possible to use large pipe flow meters in large pipes using retrofit intrusive and clamp on flow meter technology.

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Company Business Type  
MicroGroup, Inc. Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Profile
Global Metals Distributor, Manufacturer, Manufacturers' Rep Profile
Factory Steel & Metal Supply Co. Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company Profile
Eagle Alloys Corp. Distributor, Manufacturer Profile
American Tube Technology, Inc., C/O Datatek Manufacturer Profile
RAM Fabricating Corp. Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Profile
Superior Tube Company Manufacturer Profile
Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer Profile
Plymouth Tube Co. Manufacturer Profile
Aluminiumwerk Unna Manufacturer Profile
AK Tube LLC Manufacturer Profile
Aramus Steel Corp. Distributor Profile
Handy & Harman Tube Co. Manufacturer Profile
Dieform Manufacturer, Service Company Profile
Senior Aerospace Manufacturer Profile
Allied International Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer Profile
B & L Metals, Inc. Distributor, Manufacturer Profile
High-Tek Tube Corp. Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer Profile
Metals Unlimited, Inc. Distributor, Service Company Profile
Andrex, Inc. Manufacturer Profile
Scepko Tube Swaging & Machine Service Company Profile


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