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Its not news that the environment is becoming more and more important as every day passes and we see more and more the effects man is having on the environment. New tools have been developed to assist in this situation and some old tools have also been repurposed to help out. One of these old tools is flowmeters which are being used not only to measure the impact we are having on our evironment, but helping to insure that new regulations are adhered to. Among the uses of environmental flowmeters common today is the use of open channel flowmeters to determine river and stream flows which have a potential of flooding, measurement of industrial outfalls to determine the total volume of liquids discharged and much more.

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Sacramento Windustrial Co.
Industrial Distributors, General Line

Saddle Brook Control
Distributor Of Meters, Switches, Controls, Visions

SAIC/Ultra Image International
Manufacturer Of Inspection Equipment & Supplies; Engineering, Inspection Service

Salcon, Inc.
Distributor of products including actuated & manual ball valves, strainers, regulators, quick connects, butterfly valves, process, sanitary & special service valves, stainless steel tube, hose & pipe fittings, hydraulic ball & check valves, hydraulic quick connects, tube clamps & supports, flow, level, temperature & pressure instruments, process ball, check & plug valves, & wafer style, double door, process check valves.

Sales Advantage Group, The
Distributor of instruments.

Samsomatic, Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Gages & FlowMeters; Electronic Measurement Service

Sanitary Process Components, Inc.
Manufacturer & distributor of processing components made from stainlesssteel for use in liquid hygenic applications. Product range includes diaphragm valves, check valves, safety, sampling, & tank outlet valves, sampling systems & sight flow indicators. ASME BPE, FDA, US prarmacopia & 3A certified. Sanitary tubing, hose, fittings, & assemblies for clean applications such as pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, beverage, cosmetics, chemical & others. Products include platinum-cured silicone tubing & hose; wrapped hose; stainlesssteel over braided PTFE hose; Butyl, Buna Nitrile & PVC hose; sanitary stainlesssteel fittings & crimp-type collars.

Santee Electric Supply Co., Inc.
Distributor of circuit breakers, ceiling fans & electrical supply equipment, boxes, ballasts, terminal blocks, motor brakes, bio degradable cleaners, conduits, contacts, light dimmers, flashers, power conditioners, resistors, bearings, conveyors, controls, cylinders, detectors, drives, batteries, fasteners, fittings, fixtures, gages, generators, hand tools, hardware, insulation, insert, meters, light, pump, relays, recorders, semiconductors, terminations, strut systems, safety equipment, switches, tanks, timers, terminals, tubings & transformers for industrial, commercial & construction applications.

SC Controls, Inc.
Supplier Of Instrumentation & Controls For The Process Control Industry. FlowMeters, Flow Switches, Distributed Control Systems, Meters & Controls For Density, Liquid Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, & Viscosity. Wet Electrostatic Precipitators, Pressure Transmitters, Transducers & Sand Filters

Scales Air Compressor Co.
Distributor of air & oil-free compressors & parts, air & gas dryers & blowers. Compressor repair & reconditioning, blower repair, air compressor sequencing control & auditing service

Schaefer Fluid Power, Inc.
Distributor Of Fluid Power Systems, Seals, Mobile, Connections, Components, Metrics; Repair & Design Service

Schenck Weighing Systems
Manufacturer & affiliate of Schenck process, worldwide supplier of bulksolids metering equipment & systems including volumetric & gravimetric screw feeders, weighbelt feeders, vibratory feeders, solidsflowmeters, mass flowmeters, belt conveyor scales, coal dust feeding systems & related controls.

Schlumberger Industries, Gas Div.
Gas Meters/Regulators, Service Fittings, Clamps, Gas Meter Repair

Schutte & Koerting
Designer & manufacturer of equipment for the power & process industries. Products include tank mixing eductors, tank heating eductors, solids handling eductors, water jet eductors, syphons, steam desuperheaters, water jet exhausters, gas jet compressors/thermo compressor, pipeline heaters, scrubber systems & jet vacuum systems. Industries served include the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, food, pulp & paper, power, metal, refining, aerospace, water & waste treatment among others using power & process equipment & instrumentation. Customer support includes valve refurbishment, full scale system testing & field service, worldwide.

Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer & distributor of engineering & surveying instruments. Repair & calibrating service

Scientific Technologies, Inc.
Distributor Of Electronic Equipment, Supplies & Components

Scott Bacharach
Manufacturer of gas detection devices.

Scott Instruments
Manufacturer of flowmeters & toxic gas & flame detectors.

Scott Specialty Gases
Manufacturer Of Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Nitrogen, Propane

Scuba Air Compressor Service, Inc.
Distributor & service of new & overhauled high pressure compressors for breathing & ind. applications.

Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.
Design & Manufacturing Of Precision Meter Mix Dispense Equipment & Fluid Control Valves. ISO 9001 Certification. Materials Dispensed Include: Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones, Polysulfides & Adhesives Or Sealants

SeaMetrics, Inc.
Manufacturer of flowmeters

SECO Control Systems
Rep. Of Flow Controls: Calibrating Service

Distributor & Rep. Of Control Systems, Analyzers, Meters, Switches & Transmitters

Segal, M. J. Associates, Inc.
Rep. Of Chemical Process Measuring & Analyzing Instruments

Seitz Corp.
Full Service Injection Molder & Contract Manufacturer Cradle-To-Grave Program Management. Engineering Services: Design (DFM), Rapid Prototyping, In-House Tool Room & Pilot Production. Quality Systems: FMEA, PPAP, SPC. Manufacturing: 40-770 Ton Capability, Closed Loop Processing, Insert Molding, Secondaries, Sonic Welding & Assemblies. Knowledge Of All Engineering & Commodity Molding Materials. 7-Day, 24-Hour Production Capabilities. Specialty In Plastic Gear Technology: Fine Pitch & Custom Tooth Forms

Selco Products Co.
Thermal Products, Control Knobs, & Digital Panel Meters. Thermal Product Line Includes Automatic/Manual Reset Bulb & Capillary Thermostats, Cold Capillary Controls, Hermetically-Sealed Thermostats, High-Temperature Thermostats, 1/2" & 3/4" Disc Thermostats, Thermal Cut-Offs, Thermal Protectors & NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) & PPTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Thermistors. Control Knobs Include Collet, Push-On, & Slider, & Accessories. DC & AC Voltmeters & Ammeters, Process Monitors, Setpoint Comparators, Thermometers, Counters & Tachometers In The Digital Panel Meter Line. Services OEM & End-User Companies In The HVAC, Telecommunications, Food Service, Process Controls, Appliance, Electronic, Industrial & Medical Instrumentation & Professional Audio & Music Equipment

Semler Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer Of Recycling Equipment, Systems & Supplies; Distributor Of FlowMeters, Liquid Filters, Chemical Pumps

Sensus Metering Systems
ISO 9000:2000 certified. Manufacturer of gas pressure regulators, relief valves & gas measurement equipment serving the residential, commercial, industrial, distribution & transmission applications within the natural gas industry. Propane industry, commercial & industrial business sector. Applications include the regulation & measurement of non-corrosive gases used in furnace pilots, homes, apartments, factories, foundries, farm taps, district regulator stations, commercial laundries, gas fueled equipment including boilers, burners, furnace, ovens, heaters, kilns, engines, air conditioners & most other industrial gas applications.

Servo-Tek Products Co.
Manufacturer Of Tachometers, DC Tachometer Generators With Output Ratings From 1 To 45 V/1000 RPM & Linearity Better Than 0.1%, Low Ripple Tachometer Generators For Zero Speed Operation, Encoders, Pulsers, Encoder/Tachometer Combinations, Hollow Shaft Tachometers & Encoders, Analog & Digital Speed Indicating Systems, Permanent Magnet Servomotors, Motor-Generators, Miniature DC Motors, Velocity & Positioning Servos, Tachsyn Transducer With Linear-Low Noise Tach Signal Down To Zero Speed & Elevated Temperature Operation, For Use With Motors Running As Hot As 155 Degrees C, 5PY Tachometer Alternatives, Subminiature Tach Generators

Sexton & Peake, Inc.
Distributor of filters.

Sharman Co., Inc.
Rep. of analyzers, controls, filters, recorders, ultrasonic equip. & supplies.

Shenandoah Controls, Inc.
Distributor & Rep. Of Temperature Controls, FlowMeters

Sheridan Supply Corp., Div. of The Tompkins Group
Distributor Of Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Switches; Gage Calibration Repairing, Pipe Cutting & Threading, On/Off & Modulating Control Application Service

Shimpo Instruments
Manufacturers DT Hand Held, Digital, Laser Combination/Contact Tachometers For Measuring RPM, Surface Speed, Length. Also: Stroboscopes, Digital Panel Tachometers, Counters, Proximity, Photo, Magnetic, Retro-Reflective Sensors & Pulse Generators, Encoders, Speed Switches, With Options Of RS-232 Output, 4-20mA Output, Alarm Relays, Ratio Input For Process Monitoring. Digital, Mechanical, Force, Torque Measurement Gauges, Gages, Torque Transducers, Load Cells, Motorized & Manual Test Stands, Custom Grips, Accessories, ata Collection Software, DATA-PRO PDA Modules With Software

Shortridge Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of electronic manometersairdata & hydrodata multimeters & temperature probes. ADM-880C multimeter stores 2000 readings with the time & date. ADM-870C multimeter used for air balance requirements. Flow hoods are used for pitot tube air velocity, differential pressure & temperature measurement. Airmeters are designed for maintaining air control in facilities including hospitals, pharmaceutical, biological & medical research laboratories, semiconductor manufacturing clean rooms.

Simco Technologies, Inc.
Distributor Of Drives, Controls & Factory Automation Products

SK & P Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer Of Gages; Calibration & Repair Service

Snyder Specialty Supply Corp.
Stocking distributor of meters, regulators, gas & oil burners & burner parts, boilers & boiler parts, valves, heaters, combustion controls, temperature control equipment, gas trains, fuel systems & flame safeguard controls, HVAC equipment & supplies; boiler accessories including refractory blocks & controls including combustion, electric, electronic, flow, hydraulic, level, pneumatic, pressure & temperature controls; heaters including electric, gas, immersion, infrared, process & unit heaters used for heating waste oil, baseboard & water.

South Coast Hydraulics
Distributor of hydraulic equip. & supplies. Hydraulic equip. repairing service

Sparling Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer Of Liquid FlowMeters

Specialty Glass Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of glass & quartz products for biomedical equipment, communications, laser & fiber optic manufacturing, aerospace & avionics, semiconductor technology & electronics applications. Also fabricate products for medical lasers, fiber optics, cytology, spectrophotometer, semiconductors assemblies, photo & X-ray lithography, micro orifices, beam splitters, substrates & wafers.Services include CNC drilling, grinding, single & double sided lapping & polishing to 1/4 wave flatness, turning, chemical strengthening, coating, laser cutting, fabrication & multiforming.

Manufacturer of standard & custom-designed speed/position sensors, transducers, magnetic pickups (VRS, magnetic, inductive, hall effect, GMR), related preamps/signal conditioners & instrumentation for speed, motion, proximity, position, tachometry, synchronization & temperature. Types: non-contact, passive, active, zero-speed, bi-directional, under/over-speed, intrinsically safe, hermetically sealed. Standard & extreme environments (-265 degrees Celsius to 550 degrees Celsius), oil, brine, hazardous conditions. Applications: process control - automation, truck-automotive, diesel engines, marine, locomotive, construction equipment, generators, flowmeters, military & aerospace. ISO 9001, MIL-I & Q compliant; FMRC quarterly audits. FM Intrinsically Safe.

Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products
ISO 9001 registered woman owned manufacturer & global distributor of chemicals, laboratory supplies & equipment. Registered with the Small Business Administration, Central Contractor Registry CCR, Austin-Tetra & Pro/Net. FDA registered & operating under current Good Manufacturing Practices, cGMP. Wide range of organic & inorganic chemicals, intermediates, pharmaceuticals, herbal extracts, reagents, & chemical standards, packaged & in bulk. Laboratory equipment & supplies, safety equipment, furnaces, mixers & machine accessories & fittings. MSDS available on-line.

Spokane House of Hose, Inc.
Distributor of hydraulic & ind. hose, fittings & adapters.

Sponsler Co., Inc.
Manufacturer Of FlowMeters & Associated Electronic Devices; Calibrating & Electronic Measurement Service

Spray Tech Systems, Inc.
Distributor of powder coating equip.

Spraying Systems Co.
ISO 9000: 9001certified manufacturer of spray nozzles & accessories for industrial & agricultural, orchard, animal & greenhouse spray applications, including cleaning, washing, rinsing, coating, cooling & special applications including dust control, air & gas scrubbing, spray drying & humidifying. Manufacturer of spray controllers & spray headers & lancers. Accessories include connectors, fittings, valves, siphon injectors, strainers & tank mixing eductors. Spray performance analysis & testing services.

Stanley, V. J., Inc.
Distributor Of Boilers, Heaters, Valves

Steam Supply
Distributor of valves & instruments; repair, testing & assembly service

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
Data Loggers, FlowMeters, Chart Recorders, Sensors

Stevens, J. W. Co., Inc.
Distributor Of Steam & Water Meters, Oil Tanks; Rep. Of Boilers, Burners

STI Sensors, Scientific Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer Of Ultrasonic, Capacitance, Point Level Solid, Point Level Liquid, Continuous Level Flow Sensors, Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters, Digital Pressure Gauges, Velocity Transducers & Displacement Transducers. Standard Products For Users Applications & Custom Products For OEM & Volume Applications. ISO 9001 Certified. In-House Machine Shop With The Following Capabilities: Semiconductor Strain Gage Fabrication. PC Board Assembly & Automated Tested. JIT Delivery

Still Waters Consulting
Process control systems & instrument repair & calibrating service

Straeffer Pump & Supply, Inc.
Distributor Of Sewage, Diaphragm, Metering, Turbine Pumps Service

Sullivan Supply Co.
Distributor of controls, fittings, valves.

Summit Controls, Inc.
Rep. Of Temperature Indicators, Valves, Gas Analyzers, Controls, Meters

Distributor of hydraulics, pneumatics, motion control, lubrication, filtration, pumps, valves, motors, filters, cylinders, actuators, accumulators, power units, hose & fittings. Fluid power repair service

Distributor of fluid power components & systems.

Sure Flow Products
Distributor of flowmeters, switches & transmitters.

SW Controls, Inc.
Distributor of flowmeters, temp. controllers, recorders & control valves.

Swanson Flo-Systems Co.
Valves, Instruments, Controls, Meters

Swesco, Inc.
Distributor, installation & service of automatic lubrication systems. Distributor of oils, greases & dust control agents. Pump repair service

Switches Unlimited
Distributor of switches, circuit breakers, connectors, contacts, controls, controllers, counters, drives, electrical relays, fuses, relays, terminal blocks, terminals, cable ties, timers.

Swoffer Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of water velocity related instruments, velocity meters. Current water meters, water current measurement equipment. Fiber-optic sensors.

Synetcom Digital, Inc.
Manufacturer Of Electronic Filters & Wireless Data Communications Products; Communications Consulting Service


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