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Rshydro.co.uk have become widely known and accepted for thier expetise in supplying, maintaining and calibrating the ultrasonic flowmeter . Visit their website today for more information on ultrasonic flow meters.

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Manufacturer, distributor & rep. of fluid handling equip, components & systems.

Gaines Measurement & Control, Inc.
Distributor Of Meters

Gallard-Schlesinger Industries, Inc.
Supplier of bulk raw ingredients & chemicals to the U.S. market. Broad range of test papers, test strips, test kits & pH test papers for a wide variety of substance determination. Test kits & test strips for determination of ammonium, cyanide, nickel, oxygen, pH value, water hardness, numerous types & varieties of pH test papers & test papers. pH papers available in numerous types & ranges, for the determination of cyanide, nickel, water hardness, lead. Test papers for the determination of arsenic, cyanide, iron, lead, nitrite, oil in soil & water, peroxide, silver, ascorbic acid, copper, chromium, nitrate, sulfite, water hardness.

Galloup, J. O. Co.
Distributor Of Liquid Level Sensors, Electronic Equipment, Temperature Controls, Air Valves, Process Control Computer Software

Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.
Flow Measurement Equipment

Gammon Technical Products, Inc.
Distributor Of Controls, Couplings, Filters

Gartner Equipment Co., Inc.
Distributor of pump parts. Compressor repair & reconditioning service

GE Co.
Dew Point, Relative Humidity & Temperature Instruments

GE Infrastructure Sensing
Design, service & manufacturer of advanced sensing & measuring equip.

Gems Sensors Inc.
Liquid level, flow, pressure & temperature sensors for OEM & general purpose applications. Liquid level switches, visual liquid level indicators, transmitters & alarms. Sensing technologies include float type, electro-optic, conductivity, ultrasonic, hall effect & CVD. Switches & alarms for pressures to 1500 PSIG, 1/2" to 3" NPT & flow actuation from 50 CC/min. to 100 GPM. Intrinsically safe relays & barriers for non-voltage producing sensors & switches. WarrickŪ conductivity-based liquid level control systems. Pressure transducers for OEM, high accuracy & specialty applications.

Gemu Valves
Valves, Actuators, Controls & FlowMeters

General Oceanics Inc.
Oceanographic, Environmental Instruments: Current/Tide Meters, Inclinometers, CTDs, Nets

General Petroleum
Distributor of fuels, lubricants, greases, & chemicals. Marine & commercial diesel, gasoline, kerosene, aviation fuels, biodiesel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, diesel emulsion, transmission fluids, gear oils, antifreeze, fuel & lubricant tanks, tank monitors, pumps, lube skids & trailers, hose reels, secondary containment, meters, card readers, dispensing nozzles, drums, trucks & trailers, commercial fleet fueling, lubricant blending, lubrication analysis, remote tank monitoring, fuel management options, & real-time fleet fueling information.

Geophysical Research Corp.
Temperature & Pressure Gages, FlowMeters

George E. Booth Co., Inc.
ISO 9001:2000 certified distributor of flowmeters, pH sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, analysis instrumentation, recorders, transmitters, signal conditioners, level controls, thermocouples, temperature switches, lined pipes, fittings, valves & accessories, gas detection equipment, pressure gauges, regulators, diaphragm seals, sanitary fittings, instrument fittings, tubing, valves, hose assemblies, process valves, actuators, & filters. Services include instrumentation start-up, valve automation, control systems integrating, & calibration including gage calibration & repairing. JIT delivery available. Industries served include oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, semiconductor, & general.

George Fischer, Inc.
Manufacturer of engineered piping systems, valves & actuation, & instrumentation systems. Products include manual valves, actuated valves, vinyl piping, PVDF piping, PVC piping, pressure, temperature & flow measuring instruments, & waste & containment piping. Industries served include chemical processing, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, photographic, environmental technology, wastewater treatment, & water distribution. ISO 9001:2000 registered.

Gilson Engineering Sales, Inc.
Rep. of control systems, flow controls & meters.

Glastron, Inc.
Chromatography Columns, Coils, Spectrophotometer Cells, Fused Glass Flow Cells, Precision Bore Tubing, Coils, Quartz & Pyrex, Precision Inclinometers For Aircraft, Laboratory Apparatus & Electronic Glass Components, ISO 9001 Manufacturers Of Custom Scientific Glassware, Electro/Electronic Components For Analytical Laboratory Testing Equipment. Products Include Blood Analysis Equipment, Chromatographic Products, Custom Designed Cables & Sensing Components. A Wide Range Of Custom Manufacturing Processes Including, Glassblowing/Fabrication, Cutting/Shaping, Ultrasonic Drilling, Impact Grinding, Glass To Metal Seals, Production Of Prototypes & OEM Assembly. Remanufacturing Of Analyzing Equipment & Service Repair Center

Glex, Inc.
Engineering, Design, Fabrication, & Service Of Custom Skid Mounted Process Equipment. Design Based Upon Cutomer Process Information & Project Specifications. Experience In: Chemical Injection Systems, Anhydrous & Aqueous Ammonia Vaporization Systems For NOx Control, Oil/Gas Pumping & Metering Skids, Comprehensive Steam Generating Plants (Including Boiler Feedwater Systems), Fuel Trains & Burner Management Systems, Heat Transfer Equipment, & Special Process Applications

Global Water Instrumentation Inc.
Sensors, Samplers & Systems

Golick, K. J. Co., Inc.
Rep. of analyzers, meters & pressure gages.

Gomez, Bill & Associates
Dsit. Of Air & Pressure Pumps

Good Measure Corp.
Distributor Of Meters; Repair Service

Graco, Gusmer, Liquid Control, Decker
Products, packages, systems & accessories for fluid handling applications. Products include spray finishing pumps, proportioners & spray guns, sealants & adhesives pumps, dispensers & proportioners, painting contractor sprayers, texture & line striping sprayers, as well as sprayers & systems to apply foam & RIM. Additional application areas & products include paint circulation, chemical transfer, diaphragm pumps, dispensers, meters, hose, reels, hot melt systems, heaters, single component pumps, plural component pumps & proportioners, automatic finishing systems, spray guns, airless sprayers & data recording devices. Distributor network is worldwide.

Grasslin Controls Corp.
Manufacturer of electromechanical & electronic time switches, defrost timers, lighting controls, in-wall timers, photo controls, electronic refrigeration controls, cycle timers, hour meter, interval timers, definite purpose contactors. Manufacturer of time & energy controls.

Great Lakes Fluid Power
Manufacturer & Distributor Of Pneumatic & Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies; Repair Service

Great Plains Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of pumps including hand, electric, gasoline & herbicide dispensing, gear, vane, rotary, heavy duty, fuel & transfer pumps & meters including mechanical flowmeters, meter electronics, flow, batch & level controllers for industrial & agricultural use. Accessories available for commercial & industrial meters. Other meter types include digital, electric indicating, electronic, gravity & positive displacement. Metering application includes water, fuel, oil consumption, petroleum products, chemicals, food & beverage, pharmaceutical & sanitary.

Great Plains Meter
Distributor Of Meters

Greensboro Pipe Co.
Stocking distributor of pipe, valves, fittings. Ind., plumbing, import & domestic, stainless steel, copper, steel, PVC, cement & metal.

Greson Technical Sales & Service Co., Inc.
Woman-owned distributor of pumps, compressors, special & application valves, lubricants, temperature switches, thermometers, pumps, relays, seals, actuators, fittings, flanges, tubing, bolts, nuts, studs, pressure & vacuum gauges, flame arresters, tank vents, pipe, plate, filters, thermowells, thermocouples, instruments, chemicals, motors, cocks, controllers, controls, converters, sight glasses, indicators, heaters, manifolds, sensors, timers, thermostats, air conditioner parts, pneumatic cylinders & flowmeters. Also involved in instrument repair & calibration services.

Gruenberg, A Part Of TPS, Thermal Product Solutions
Manufacturer of temperature testing chambers, environmental cabinets, furnaces & ovens. Designing service

GTC Falcon, Inc.
Manufacturers Of Miniature Universal Joints & Shaft Couplings, Dynamic Torque Testers

Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Industries, LLC
Distributor of process instrumentation, hard trim & valves. Machine work, remanufacturing & repair service

Gulf Flow, Inc.
Distributor of liquid level controls, flow & water meters, sensors, detectors, recorders, switches, & indicators, centrifugal pumps, filtration products, drive couplings, ind. supplies & absorbent products.

Gurley Precision Instruments
Rotary & Linear Optical Encoders For The Precise Measurement Of Position Or Speed. Digital Readout Systems For Retrofitting To Machine Tools. Generation & Replication Of Precise Patterns On Glass & Similar Materials. Physical Properties Test Instruments For Medical Tubing, Paper, Films, Textiles & Other Sheet Goods. Open-Channel FlowMeters To Measure Water Velocity


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