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One of the major factors in the use of flow meters is the ease of installation and maintenance. Ultrasonic flow meters are fast becoming a favorite as they can be installed without cutting the pipe, can be installed underground and are easily removed for repair and maintenance. More information can be found on our site.

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+GF+ Signet/Signet Scientific Co.
Global manufacturer of instrumentation for flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, temperature, pressure & level measurement. Analytical & level measuring, process control in industrial monitoring & control applications. Specializing in instrumentation such as sensors, transmitters, monitors, controllers & indicators for measuring flow, pressure temperature, pH/ORP, resistivity, conductivity & other properties. Distribution encompasses over 50 countries with over 100 distribution partners worldwide.

A & S Electric Supply, Inc.
Distributor of a variety of electrical components & accessories including connectors, wires, lighting systems, firings, boxes, ballasts, transformers, cables, alarms, wiring devices, photocells, industrial signals, timers, electrical tools, fittings, fuses, circuit breakers, meters, plugs, heaters, distribution centers, lamps, signals, timers & switches.

A-L Equipment Co., Inc.
Distributor of FlowMeters, Pumps

A.C.I. Controls, Inc.
Distributor of temperature indicators, pressure gages, flowmeters.

Aalborg Instruments
ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of precision instrumentation for flow measurement & control including variable area flow rotameters from micro flow to industrial sizes, thermal mass flowmeters & controllers upto 1000 standard l/min. Electronic valves to regulate liquids & gases include precision barstock, needle, proportional solenoid & stepping motor valves. Accessories include sensors for rotameters, totalizer, IO signal conditioner & microprocessor driven command module. Also calibrationservices for rotameters, thermal mass flowmeters & flowmeter products.

ABB Automation Inc.
Custom & Pre-Engineered Products, Software, Communication & Automation Applications With A Wide Range Of Measurement & Production Automation Capabilities. Designed For Use In Oil & Gas Production, Transmission & Distribution Applications. Product Line Includes Custody, Transfer, Orifice & Turbine Flow Computers; The LevelMaster Intelligent Level Sensor; Btu Chromatographs; RTU's; Gas Lift Pump Off Controllers; & Host Software For Data Handling & Communications. Application Specific Custom Engineering & Programming Also Available. ISO 9001 Certified

ABB Automation, Inc.
Manufacturer OF Electronic Contols, FlowMeters, Control Instruments

ABB Instrumentation
Manufacturer Of Process Control Systems


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