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There are many makes and models of flow meters available today, and while there are many similarities there can be difference in the cost and features, which makes choosing flow meters for a particular application sometimes a difficult proposition. Often the flow meterof choice will be the ultrasonic flow meter, which many times is chosen primarily because it is accurate, protable, inexpensive, and easy to install resulting in them being a popular choice especially in remote or difficult locations.

Pumps & Compressors: Graco, Gusmer, Liquid Control, Decker
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Graco, Gusmer, Liquid Control, Decker

P.O. Box 1441
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1441
Phone: 612-623-6741, 877-844-7226 (toll free)
Fax: 612-623-6580

Products, packages, systems & accessories for fluid handling applications. Products include spray finishing pumps, proportioners & spray guns, sealants & adhesives pumps, dispensers & proportioners, painting contractor sprayers, texture & line striping sprayers, as well as sprayers & systems to apply foam & RIM. Additional application areas & products include paint circulation, chemical transfer, diaphragm pumps, dispensers, meters, hose, reels, hot melt systems, heaters, single component pumps, plural component pumps & proportioners, automatic finishing systems, spray guns, airless sprayers & data recording devices. Distributor network is worldwide.

Employees: 1000+
Business Types: Manufacturer
Founded in: 1926
Market Reach: Latin America/Caribbean, Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico
Website: http://www.graco.com


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