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A major challenge to understanding why stream health is reduced is unraveling the effects of many interacting natural and human-caused factors. When stream health is diminished, scientists and managers become environmental detectives in order to determine which physical or chemical factors have been modified by human activity sufficiently to alter biological communities. No single physical or chemical factor was universally associated with reduced stream health across the Nation, but three factors were significant across the country: streamflow modification, elevated levels of nutrients, and elevated levels of pesticides. All of these factors are dependent on the amount of water flowing in the streams and rivers (streamflow) and is measured by steam flow meters , of which there are several kinds. Perhaps the most common stream flow meters in use today are the cup, propeller, and magnetic meters. This type of meter is normally mounted on a rod in order to allow the meter to remain stationary while the readings are being obtained. You can find more details on this method on the State of Washington Deparment of Ecology website.

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Distributor of pumps, compressors, dryers, filters, blowers & blower parts, compressor accessories. Field, in-house, pick-up, inspection, vibration analysis, motor monitoring, air surveys service.

Employees: 50-99
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Founded in: 1982
Market Reach: Asia, Canada, Mexico
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