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Flowmeters are in use in many ways today and are commonly used to obtain accurate flow or volume rates in industrial processes. Often portable ultrasonic flowmeters are used where there is only a short term need for measurement or in locations with difficult acccess. An interesting use is in area cooling or heating schemes where mass flowmeters can deterimine the useage for each customer and report it periodically to billing applications.

Flow Meters: Onicon, Inc.
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Onicon, Inc.

1500 North Belcher Rd. Clearwater, FL 33765 Phone: 727-447-6140
Fax: 727-442-5699

Manufacturer Of TurbineFlowMeters & BTU (Thermal Energy) Meters. Specializing In Measuring Systems Tailored For The HVAC Industry, Municipal Water & Heating/Cooling Water Distribution Systems. Insertion FlowMeters Can Be Hot Tapped As Standard Feature. Standard Output Signals From Various Models Include 0-10 VDC & 4-20 mA Analog Outputs, Calibrated Frequency Outputs & Divided Or Scaled Contact Closures. TurbineFlowMeters Are Suitable For Measuring Water & Most Water Based Solutions. Typical Applications Include: Chilled Water, Hot Water, Condenser Water, Domestic Water, Process Cooling, Condensate & Brine

Employees: 10-49
Business Types: Manufacturer
Founded in:
Market Reach: Latin America/Caribbean, South America, Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Pacific Rim, Australia, China, Europe
Website: http://www.onicon.com


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