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There are many kinds of flow metering problems in various industries and many these problems may call for different types of flow meters . Turbine flow meters might be used for measurement of natural gas and liquid flow, even though they might be less accurate than other kinds of flow meters, but they have the advantage that they restrict the flow less than other flowmeters might.

Flow Meters: Hedland/Flo-Tech Racine Federated Inc.
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Hedland/Flo-Tech Racine Federated Inc.

8635 Washington Ave. Racine, WI 53408 Phone: 800-433-5263 (toll free)
Fax: 800-245-3569

Manufacturers Of 250 - 6000 PSI, In-Line, FlowMeters For Hydraulic, Water, Air, Gases & Other Systems; Turbine, Positive Placement, Transit Time Ultrasonic FlowMeters; Switches & Transmitters, Testers & Turbines; Gauges, & Flow Recording & Indicating Instruments.

Employees: 50-99
Business Types: Manufacturer
Founded in:
Market Reach: Latin America/Caribbean, Western Europe, Canada, Mexico
Website: http://www.hedland.com


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