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Commercial and industrial businesses often spend a large portion of their building operating costs on creating hot and cold water and pumping it around their facility for either heating or cooling as required.  Considering how much money is spent on this portion of the business, it is not surprising that there is an increased focus on determining the correct amount of water used to meet the needs of the building and to accurately bill users for it.Traditionally buildings have had had constant flow water loops that used a bypass to divert water back to the conditioning source when the end users did not call for water, but modern systems now use flow meters to measure water flow in the system, using electromagnetic and ultrasonic type flow meters that can be of many different designs and which can be incoprated into systems which not only measure the water flow be can actually measure how much heat is tranferred to what exact location in order to allocate resources by and, (in the case of district cooling systems), to bill customers for thier usage .

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